The Log Experiment: How ICG brought our spirit animal to life

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The Log Experiment: How ICG brought our spirit animal to life

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. But, just as we did in 2017 with our Block Party experiment, when we sent a whole bunch of Lego to some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business and asked them to do something interesting with it, we want to showcase that brilliance in different ways. So, once again, we’ve tapped into the talents of the Idealog community for the 2018 Design Issue and, in honour of our spirit ‘animal’, The Idea Log, we sent a few hunks ‘o wood out to some friends of the Idealog family to see what they could do. Here's how our parent company, ICG, turned our mascot on paper into a real-life object.

Idealog + ATEED

Following the Changing the World with Creativity and Innovation event at Techweek, which celebrates Auckland's unique creative sector, we spoke with associate director of Unleash Space Darsel Keane about how important it is for students to see that creativity is diverse, inclusive and spans many industries, as well as the rise in interest of social enterprises from a school and university level.

Future learning

Sir Ken Robinson is kind of a big deal. He is the most viewed speaker on Ted Talks of all time, with his three talks on education, creativity and what’s wrong with the current teaching model being viewed by more than 300 million people in over 150 countries. In light of his upcoming visit to New Zealand, Idealog chats with him about how we can improve the current outdated models, as well as the countries leading the way in the education sector.

Most Creative People

Furniture designer David Trubridge was one of the People's Choice winners for the design category in Idealog and Accenture's Most Creative People. A well established creative force renowned for stunning lighting, David Trubridge has brought a distinctive sense of New Zealandness into his work – and sent New Zealand design all around the world, with his work frequently appearing on the international stage. Here, he discusses creativity, finding inspiration and integrity.

Most Creative People

Auckland-based ice cream chef Giapo Grazioli won the People's Choice award for the hospitality category in Idealog's Most Creative People, and for good reason. He has spent the last few years pushing the concept of what could be understood as an ice cream as far as possible, incorporating 3D printing into his creations (chocolate colossal squid, anyone?), taking away the ability for customers to see the flavours before they order, commissioning research on whether spores can be created in chocolate and collaborating with AUT to explore the relationship between music and ice cream. In a Q&A, Giapo discusses creativity, finding inspiration and resilience.