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The Log Experiment: How ICG brought our spirit animal to life

Not only does Idealog’s parent company ICG own a whole heap of media brands like Dish, Good and StopPress and create media for brands like Resene, Liquorland, Chorus and Green Cross Health, it also has a very talented creative services division and a massive factory filled with big, expensive machines. When combined, they can create vehicle wraps, billboards, in-store (or in-office) signage, events and pretty much anything else you can imagine that involves printing. Here’s what happened when their minds merged with their machines. 

Description: “When Idealog came to us with a log and asked us to do something cool with it, we thought we print something on it, or perhaps set it on fire and roast a marshmallow as a comment on the Trump administration. But then we saw The Idea Log character and found a loophole: we wouldn’t use the log, we would use a different kind of wood to create him in physical form. We constructed The Idea Log in individual slices using using 25mm multiboard layered 24 times to stack 600mm high. We printed it on the flatbed, digitally cut him to shape, hand-painted his distinctive features and then pieced him together. Damien Hirst would undoubtedly be impressed.” 

One of the talented Idealog Team Content Producers made this post happen.

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