Type Directors Club etches global typography exhibition into New Zealand design calendar

The clothes that words wear

Type Directors Club etches global typography exhibition into New Zealand design calendar

Globally acclaimed typography organisation Type Directors Club, which exists to support, record and celebrate excellence in typography is set to exhibit in New Zealand, showcasing a culturally diverse range of award-winning work from over 35 countries. The exhibition, TDC64, will run from the 2 to 17 April at the St Paul St Gallery, hosted by AUT and Osborne Shiwan. It represents the fruits of the 1,835 entries from the design communities most recognised mentors, innovators and thought-leaders.

Future of work

The world of work is changing, so how are kids from kindergarten level up being prepared for its uncertainty? Director at Ako space and Co.Starters lead facilitator Sabrina Nagel discusses how the New Zealand education system needs to change in order to give students the skills they need to thrive.

Equality pays

A new MYOB report says New Zealand’s tech sector lacks gender diversity – and may even get less diverse. What can be done – and what is being done – to address the issue? Plus: a roundtable discussion with OMGTech! co-founder and general manager Zoe Timbrell, AUT lecturer and She# founder Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh and MYOB general manager Carolyn Luey on what can be done to increase gender diversity and inclusivity in New Zealand’s tech sector, what individuals and organisations can do, where things can go from here, and more.

Innovation Tiki Tour

Garage Technology Ventures' managing director Bill Reichert recently spent four weeks in New Zealand as entrepreneur in residence at AUT University and travelled the country meeting some of our most promising and passionate startups, innovators, educators and regulators. In the first of a two-part feature, he gives his educated view on the state of our country's innovation ecosystem and what we need to do to develop it – and next week he tells us about the New Zealand companies that impressed him most.

New Zealand Innovation Awards

They say that with age comes wisdom – but clearly that's something these amazing young innovators from New Zealand and around the world already have. The question is, are there any other young innovators out there deserving of recognition at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards?