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Got a brilliant Idea? How does a scholarship from AUT and Idealog sound?

All you’ve got to do is answer a few simple questions about your business idea, your availability and commitment (see below). That’s it.

The competition is part of the launch of AUT’s new Entrepreneur Programme, whereby eight scholarships will be offered to aspiring members of the public who have a savvy business idea. The nine-week course will start at the end of March.  

The course will guide the participants through the programme, asking questions, utilising expert knowledge and linking them with resources and connections. Each week there will be a guest speaker who will share their experiences and encourage the participants to fine-tune their ideas.

Topics range from marketing and messaging, growing and retaining customers, distribution, revenue, bottom lines, start-up and ongoing costs, break-even points, sales projections, cash flows, growth plans and sharpening pitches to woo investors.

The only pre-requisites for entry are:

  • You need to have a business idea
  • You need to have a willingness to question that idea
  • You need to have a willingness to talk about that idea

So, to go into the draw, simply answer the questions below and email them (in absolute confidence) to [email protected]

1) Please provide a well-articulated description of the product or service you offer (or plan on offering) and a description of your consumer, client, or target audience. Brevity and clarity are appreciated!

2) Have you already launched the business that you’d like to explore through CO.STARTERS?

3) If you answered yes to the question above, please tell us about your business in the next few questions.

Business Name: 

Type of business

  • LLC
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Non-Profit/Charity
  • Partnership
  • Other

Entries must be received by 5.00pm Friday March 4 and winners will be announced in the following Tuesday’s newsletter digest (March 8).

For more information, click here.

AUT is also looking for facilitators and guest speakers to become part of the AUT Co.Starters community. To register your interest visit: http://www.aut.ac.nz/community/Co.Starters@AUT

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