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Design agency we love: Milk

But sometimes an agency comes along that does it so well, we feel obliged to give credit where credit is due.

Enter Milk – the design agency responsible for high impact campaigns from AUT, Semi-Permanent, Annabel Langbein, Air New Zealand and Lion Nathan – and their pretty amazing work with Hoyts New Zealand.

Hoyts, as a cinema-based ice cream retailer, was looking to position it’s ice-cream offering in a way that challenged international heavy-hitters Ben and Jerrys and the UK’s Icecreamists.

Milk’s research found that “no single brand in any category had claimed the idea of definitive largesse – a position celebrating excess and hedonism without apology.”

So they set about imagining ‘Filthy Rich’, a brand with “potential cult status”, “lavish and opulent, self-deprecating, engaging and refreshingly honest about greed and indulgence”. 

Okay, that’s all a but PR-ish, but boy, the results are something.  

That’s how it’s done. 

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