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Book review: Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions by Robert Glancy
Bloomsbury, $29.99 

book review terms and conditions robert glancy?You may know Robert Glancy from roles such as ‘Bob Glancy, General Manager, Mango Communications’ – for this homegrown up-and-coming literary star was once a PR guru in his former life, before exiting for a six-figure book deal for this book and his next novel.

Suffice to say, here at Idealog we’re more than just a bit proud*. A quick and fun read, Terms & Conditions is ridiculously funny and well-written. It follows the story of Frank, who’s been in a car accident. Frank’s lost his spleen but he’s lost more than that: his memories. All he knows for certain is that he’s a lawyer who specialises in small print**.

Now Frank has to piece his life back together again – but as the jigsaw begins to take shape, it’s not a very nice picture.

His memory of his wife Alice doesn’t match up to what he’s witnessing – and his brother takes the family company into business with an “inventively cruel arms manufacturer”.

Glancy’s book has had ringing endorsements already, including from author of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Paul Torday and The Humans author Matt Haig***. And now also Idealog. Oh yes!

* Possibly also slightly jealous.

** Like this sort of thing, which could get irritating after a while but is used sparingly enough not to grate on the reader.

*** Ohmigod, we’re just SO proud! Go Bob, you good thing. 

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