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Six of the best weird branded product combos

We’re all used to Barbie clothes and makeup, Transformers colouring books, and Disney characters emblazoned across anything made for children. But the newly-released Star Wars-themed make-up from cosmetics company CoverGirl had us scratching our heads.

Set for sale in the US ahead of the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in September, the promotional material encourages buyers to choose the dark side or the light side in a hopeless attempt to link make-up with light sabers.

The line so far appears to include lipsticks, nail polish and 10 identical mascaras, each with a different quote from the previous films. Several commentators have been quick to label the range tacky, and the packaging lacking in design.

Still, such an “interesting” brand combination got us thinking about what other strange themed products might exist; ones that might have been better not making it past the concept stage:

Doctor Who utensils

“Dine like a Time Lord”. Interesting, but do we really need a sonic screwdriver attached to our cutlery – let alone a vegetable peeler? 

Minion Tampons?

Although not a product to actually hit the shelves (thankfully), Kotex Puerto Rico posted an image on their Facebook page of yellow tampons dressed up as the main Minion characters, ahead of the release of the film. We’re not too sure who came up with this one, but we know it should never go ahead.

Zippo Perfume


Now you can carry another flammable liquid in a Zippo holder – your favourite perfume. Zippo extended their product range from lighters to include a line of perfume for men and women. Cue some confused looks from those around you as you use it. 

Windows Vista toilet paper

It seems that the Japanese will come up with any crazy idea and run with it. Apparently the features of the (then) new Windows Vista were so exciting, they decided to print them on a toilet roll as a great way to showcase the operating system. 

Various celebrity themed board games

Board games based on celebrities are commonplace these days. A game of Elvis-opoly, anyone? From One Direction and Justin Bieber, to Mr. T and Vanilla Ice, it seems that every one who’s ever been anyone has their own themed board game. Even Donald Trump released his own entrepreneurial board game in 1989. 

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