Friday Frivolities: ANIMAL SPECIAL - Bear hunts cyclist, dead shark delivers triplets, dog sings 'let it go' and more

The internet was made to share the amazing things animals do. So here's five examples for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Bear chases mountain biker down trail

Some claim this is a fake and say the bear has been superimposed into the video. It has gone viral to say the least but you have to make your own call on whether its for real or not.

The below video looks a bit more real though (check the comments even!). The cyclist seems to get away pretty easily in this instance. Apparently, bears are only prone to attack if they are startled, so next time you're hiking through the forest make sure to wear bells on your boots!

Man saves shark triplets from dead mother's body

"What's that? That looks like organs. That doesn't look like any pregnancy stuff." 

Dog loves frozen's 'Let it Go"

And couldn't give a stuff about any other songs.

If 'Alien' was about Kingfish and Snapper instead of people and aliens

This little gem comes via our friends at NZ Fishing World. Now that's what I call killing two birds (or fish) with one stone.

What's the internet without cats?

Here's one getting a fright from a fake spider - LoLoLoLoL!

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