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Road Ninja: Revolutionising the transport industry

Road Ninja

Dubbed the ‘Uber of commercial driving’, the new Taupo-based start-up, Road Ninja, is set to disrupt the way the recruitment and labour-hire market for the transport industry works across New Zealand.

Using cutting-edge technology, Road Ninja is streamlining the hiring and recruitment process for the transport industry by giving businesses access to a network of skilled and ready-to-work driving professionals.

As an industry first, Road Ninja is breaking away from traditional recruitment models by introducing a subscription offering.

Bodhi Vette, CEO and Founder says that he first started the company because of his passion for the transport industry and by recognising the potential drivers have.

The platform caters to businesses in the transport industry by allowing them to recruit skilled drivers permanently or through the gig economy model, without any restrictions, additional charges, or commissions.

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Drivers on the platform are personally vetted by the team before their profiles go public, providing a comprehensive tech-based ecosystem designed to support both businesses operating in the market and the drivers.

Through Road Ninja, drivers will be able to create the most-advanced digital CV in the transport industry, enhancing their marketability.

“Our ultimate goal for Road Ninja is to sign up as many businesses as possible and deliver exceptional value to the industry. We will therefore introduce the industry’s first-ever subscription-only driver-hire and recruitment plan to the market and will not charge any commission fees. This is a game-changer for the entire transport and logistics industry,” says Vette.

“Unlike traditional recruiter models, where fees and commissions are often hidden and factored into the cost’s businesses incur, thereby reducing the wages passed on to drivers, Road Ninja is setting new precedents.”

As an industry first, this subscription-based model is an innovative approach to ensuring drivers are put first.

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