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Best Awards: T?roa Bathroom Collection by Methven Global Design & Innovation team

Product Purple Pin

T?roa Bathroom Collection by Methven Global Design & Innovation team

Design director: Andy Grigor

The T?roa shower system has been specifically designed to adapt to people’s different habits, routines and changing needs when showering. Some of us like our water boiling hot, but to gently cascade down on us. Others prefer it be freezing cold and to slam into us like a water cannon. Others might be a bit pickier. The point being, everyone is different in terms of what they prefer when performing one of the most common rituals of modern life – something that becomes abundantly clear if you in a place where there are more people than there are bathrooms.

But individual preferences are not all the T?roa is designed to take into account. At the same time, it is also able to combine this personalised experience with sustainable water use. The final result is a product using less water and manufactured from more sustainable materials than traditional showering methods, while also boasting a clean, contemporary design aesthetic that doesn’t look all that different from most showerheads people have in their homes.

One of the most popular categories in terms of the number of entries, and with a very strong category of Gold Pin-winning products (as in no fewer than almost 50 different Gold Pin winners), judges were presented with quite the challenging conundrum in which product, specifically, would take home the Purple Pin. But Methven’s T?roa emerged as the top product pick for 2018 for a few reasons.

In rendering their judgment, the judges said: “The pure aesthetic complements the sensuous showering and cleansing experience provided by T?roa.”

They said more, too. They added they “were impressed by the thoughtful application of high-grade materials and sensitive finishes, which complement the sparing use of water.”

In a world where we’re only now realising the impact we have on the environment and where water is more precious than ever before – and yet also in a world where we demand hyper-personalisation and expect every experience to be a luxurious one – it’s a pretty fine line the Methven team seems to have navigated expertly.

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