The Log Experiment: Daniel Kamp's 'Black Mirror'

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. But, just as we did in 2017 with our Block Party experiment, when we sent a whole bunch of Lego to some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business and asked them to do something interesting with it, we want to showcase that brilliance in different ways. So, once again, we’ve tapped into the talents of the Idealog community for the 2018 Design Issue and, in honour of our spirit ‘animal’, The Idea Log, we sent a few hunks ‘o wood out to some friends of the Idealog family to see what they could do. Here's how Daniel Kamp of Kamp.Studio turned a piece of wood into a reflection of himself.

Daniel Kamp, who co-founded product and spatial design studio Think & Shift, left that business in 2015 to build, an experimental design practice working at the intersection of art, technology and nature. Since then, he has been focusing on the emerging field of post-industrial design and trying to find more expressive, more elegant and more sustainable alternatives to conventional product design.

His description: “Sometimes, my work is a dark reflection of my self. Other times, it’s just a slab of steel jammed into a hunk of wood. Most times, it’s a balance.”

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