Wish we'd thought of that: Ride your way to cleanliness on this Bike Washing Machine

Wish we'd thought of that: Ride your way to cleanliness on this Bike Washing Machine

We’ve all been there – the power’s out and you desperately need to: a) exercise, and b) do laundry. What to do? Do the laundry by hand as an arm workout or take your clothes for a swim in the sea for a salt wash? Or, just throw the clothes in the BWM, a stationary bike with a laundry machine in the front wheel, and away you go.

‘But what if I get tired before my washing is done?’ I can hear you say. Well, the BWM has you covered with a built in battery that stores the excess energy generated by the furious movement of your legs. ‘And if the battery runs out?’ Get back on the bike lazy!

The one downside is that there isn’t currently a way to plug the BWM into your water mains so you’ll have to fill and drain it manually, which I assume could get pretty messy if you’re not super careful/co-ordinated.

What are you waiting for? (You're actually waiting for it to be made – the BWM is just a design concept waiting for a home at this stage.)

Bonus – a design for a run-powered laundry machine from Electrolux:


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