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Pixipic puts Kiwi kids in the spotlight

Yeah, nah, not quite what we’re looking for.

This is where new stock footage website and local talent agency Pixipic steps in – a portal of local young talent, that represents the “rich cultural and ethnic diversity of our land,” says company founder Eddie Berla.

“The idea behind Pixipic was to create an export-driven website; one that enables Kiwi kids who are interested in the entertainment and modeling industries to connect with their audience worldwide and earn a decent income through the process,” says Berla.

“We act as a typical talent agency, but have the unique ability to offer the talent photos for purchase as stock photography.”

The company doesn’t compete on price with other bigger, overseas agencies, but is reasonable, he says.

He explains that there are virtually no available high-production-value images of New Zealand children, even from the most established and global photo library websites – a point of difference for them.

“Without pointing any fingers, have a quick search for ‘Maori boy’ on what you’d consider the leading stock photo library websites, and you’ll quickly get the picture.”

The agency already has more than 60 children on its books, many who have trained in performing arts from a young age. The photographs are a good range of cute and suitably age-appropriate shots.

“What we’re not trying to do is produce crazy or provocative shoots to get the wrong kind of attention,” he says. 

“We just want to create beautiful images with Kiwi kids, locally, because no one else has done this.”

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