Idealog + Mosh

Setting out to raise the social media literacy of New Zealand businesses is a bold task to embark on, but social media specialist agency Mosh thought it could teach companies a thing or two about the online realm. Managing director Jeremy Marks breaks down the state of the New Zealand business social media scene, as well as the direction technology is taking this form of marketing in in the future.

AR me hearties

For the 2017 Innovation Issue – as with every issue – we wanted to try something new. So we talked to our friends at digital solutions agency One Fat Sheep to see if we could harness their augmented reality (AR) expertise. And, with the support of Chorus, we’ve turned the cover into an interactive contents page that brings the main sections and stories to life and blends print with digital.

Insight stories

Chantal Thomas asks the newly appointed Visa’s Everywhere Initiative New Zealand judge about empowering women in tech and what motivates her. 

Open season

Our lives are increasingly lived digitally. And while that has brought untold benefits, all of the information we provide is generally kept private by the flimsiest of methods. So how easy is it to get hold of that information? And what’s the worst that could happen if it got into the wrong hands? Courtney Devereux bravely/foolishly decided to let hackers try to infiltrate her online world – and all they found was everything.