Why New Zealand's strength lies in 'the weird stuff'

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Why New Zealand's strength lies in 'the weird stuff'

Almost 10 years ago, Sir Paul Callaghan challenged New Zealanders to think of their economy as more than just a farm. Progress has been made, but there's still more work to be done. Here, director of Te Pūnaha Matatini professor Shaun Hendy shares why laser scientists should be talking to dairy farmers and the fintech sector should be talking to mathematicians.

Virtual realities

A new VR and mixed-reality centre has launched in Wellington. That, by itself, is not news. But what is news: the fact that Projectr is being launched with the help of Victoria University of Wellington and other high-profile supporters for far more than just making immersive games.

Tomorrow's leaders

The head of the country’s umbrella tech organisation says it’s boom time for both its organisation and the industry in New Zealand. NZTech now has more than 400 tech companies on board from across the country and has expanded its board, but what else is needed to grow the industry? The government’s recent investment into digital education is a start, says Vend founder and OMGTech! co-founder Vaughan Rowsell.

Law of the jungle

Predicting the future is hard in any subject; arguably it’s hardest of all in the field of technology. Indeed, as the technology journalist Warren Ellis wisely points out, “it’s best not to get involved in the business of prediction. It’s a quick way to look like an idiot”.

Idealog + Kiwibank

The Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator, a 14-week business growth programme held at Wellington’s CreativeHQ and powered by startup accelerator brand Lightning Lab, held its Demo Day recently. We’re profiling the participants - this time the National Account Registry, a technology designed to remove the friction (and anxiety) from making business payments online.