Friday frivolities: Meat, madness, meanness, Mexican locoweed and one less musical genius…

Five bits of frivolity for a chakra-rattling dose of Friday distraction.

Meat mélange

Because the only thing that can make a kebab even better is seeing how it’s made.

Bjork explaining how a TV works…

…is exactly what you think it will be.

How to hallucinate without drugs

Legalisation in New Zealand may still be a good stretch off, but the excellent news is that you can you can make yourself hallucinate without Aunt Mary, Stilton Cheese or Jenkem.

All you need is a piece of paper, white noise and, apparently, a highly excitable nature.

Who would Donald diss?

What The Donald has to say about every Game of Thrones character.

“Look, I hate to say this, because I was pulling for her, but Arya is a loser, okay?”

Goodnight, sweet Prince