Friday Frivolities: A truck boarding a ship, guy’s impression of women’s underwear, animal sound man, and more …

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

Truck boarding ship
This is one of those extremely stupid things that you just know won’t end well, but hey, you’ve got to commend the driver for their gigantic pair of steel ones.

Guy’s impression of women’s underwear
We’re more impressed by this guy’s willingness to play and comment on a pair of panties he found on the street, although he does make a couple of good points … sort of.

Lost in New Zealand
So we all know how beautiful and exciting our country is, and the numerous videos from visitors are a testament to that. But this filmographer’s edit of his trip down under really impresses.

Lost in New Zealand from BenSteensels on Vimeo.

Russian Roulegg with Anna Kendrick
Smashing that egg on her head. Such confidence.

Animal sound man
Best comment? “Imagine him making these sounds in the bedroom”.