Awards recognise women in New Zealand architecture

The Mayfair theatre, bar and venue by Atelierworkshop
The Architecture+Women: NZ Awards recognise women who have had a considerable influence on New Zealand architecture. Here are this year’s winners.

Wellington architect Cecile Bonnifait, Australian-based New Zealand architectural researchers Justine Clark and Gill Matthewson, and Auckland architect Julie Stout were each given an award for their contribution to New Zealand Architecture last weekend (Sept 27), at the Architecture+Women: NZ Awards.

The awards aim to celebrate the “oft-overlooked contribution of women to the New Zealand building industry.”

The awards organiser, Megan Rule, says: “Half of the graduates at New Zealand’s architecture schools are women, but very few of the large New Zealand architecture firms have any women partners. Establishing career paths for talented young women is one of the biggest challenges for architecture in New Zealand.”

The A+W: NZ Awards were judged by Yale University professor Peggy Deamer, Auckland University Architecture School associate head Bill McKay, and Auckland architects Jo Aitken and Elizabeth Seuseu.

Rule says the awards attracted a strong list of entries.

The winner’s list

Wirihana Emerging Leadership Award
Cecile Bonnifait, director of Atelierworkshop in Wellington.

Munro Diversity Award
Justine Clark and Gill Matthewson, Australian-based, New Zealand architectural researchers, and authors of women in Australian architecture website Parlour.

Chrystall Excellence Award
Julie Stout, director of Mitchell & Stout Architects.