Sleep rocks, burnout doesn't

Sleep rocks, burnout doesn't
During her recent visit to New Zealand, Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington reinforced her “Sleep your way to the top” mantra. Her argument is that the best way to boost our at-work productivity is to nurture ourselves outside the office—through sleep, disconnecting from technology and building relationships with other people. It’s not clear how much the Huff follows her own laziness refrain, but other companies do. Here are five examples:

Boston Management Group

The elite management consulting firm has a “red zone report” to flag when individuals are working too many long weeks. In addition, new consultants can delay their start date by six months and receive $10,000 to volunteer at a nonprofit.


In December 2011, the car manufacturer announced its servers would stop sending emails 30 minutes after the end of employees’ shifts, and only start again half an hour before the person returned to work.


A legally-binding deal signed between employers’ federations and unions in April this year ruled employees must switch off work phones and avoid looking at work email outside work hours, except in “exceptional circumstances”.


The on-demand media company gives staff as much holiday as they want, whenever they want to take it. Nobody tracks vacation days. The idea was later picked up by Richard Branson for Virgin

And the winner is…

At the Amsterdam offices of Dutch design firm Heldergroen, the desks are lifted via steel cables to the ceiling at 6pm every day and the rest of the furniture is cleared. In the evening, the space is rented for free to the community for classes or events. 

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