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A human workplace is a happy workplace

REVIEW: For many employees, finding the right workplace culture is a miracle. So, for business owners and leaders across the country, how do you make the workplace a more human and better place for your employees?

Authors Leanne Holdsworth and Naryan Wong have combined their expertise on leadership and workplaces to write ‘Human Work’ and here is our honest take on the guidebook.

With the help of business CEOs and leaders across the world, Holdsworth and Wong were able to come up with the go-to guide for businesspeople, to ensure that any job is the best place to work.

Both Holdsworth and Wong say that the best workplaces are environments that are generally “more human”, especially as for most of our lives we will be found in these settings.

In the book, Holdsworth and Wong essentially bring everything back to five leadership mindsets that humanise the workplace.

These are mindsets they have learned along the way talking to people such as Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, Ibrahim AlJammaz, Chairman of the board of Alamar Foods, James Prior, Head of Talent and Leadership for various organisations and many more leaders across the world.

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The book takes a deep dive into aspects of work such as collaboration, identities, development, relationships and so much more.

“People feel truly alive when they’re able to realise their full potential and feel they’re part of an organisation that allows that,” says contributor to Human Work, Ana Delgado, the Chief Customer Experience and Chief Digital Channel Officer at Union Bank of the Philippines.

Human Work also looks at leadership strategies that nurture and develop teams, such as working alongside differences, creating conditions and collaborative leadership.

Though there is no wrong or right way to be a leader, Human Work takes a look into the different forms of leadership that can work.

With personal accounts told by business leaders, Human Work allows readers – whether they are employees or employers – to learn a few things or two on what the perfect workplace looks like.

Whether you are about to hire someone or have a large team of 40 people, Human Work provides a helpful guide that doesn’t state the obvious and draws a path for businesspeople towards a more human workplace. Because you know what they say: a happy workplace is a workplace that thrives.

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