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A Day in the Life: Socialites’ Rochelle Sheldon

What time do you wake up?

Around 6am. I prefer the evening, but having kids has changed this slightly. ?

What’s the ideal way to start your day?

Coffee, getting kids (Sophie 10, Cooper 7 and Harrison 4) ready for school and daycare. Spending time with them in the morning so we start the day as a family – trying not to rush.

Do you have any morning rituals?

I’ve been working from home lately which means once the kids are at school and daycare, I can go for a walk while listening to a podcast and start my day with some exercise and learning. 

How soon do you begin doing work-related things, i.e. checking phone or emails?

I now don’t do this until around 9.30am. It means that I’m starting my day, my way rather being taken down a rabbit hole of replying! I’ve also got into the habit of turning off my emails and other notifications so I can concentrate fully on larger chunks of work. It’s amazing how much more you achieve. 

What’s your media consumption or interaction like from the morning onwards – do you listen to podcasts, radio, watch videos, read books and magazines, visit new sites?

I love podcasts! I listen to a range of them – marketing industry related, to ones good for the soul and next on list is The Teachers Pet about an unsolved murder. I also spend time on all the social media, keeping up to date and testing, trailing and connecting with friends, family and people.

What kind of work do you do?

I’m a social media marketer – I help people grow their personal brands using social media.

What’s unique about your line of work?

I get to help exceptional individuals by creating bespoke social media strategies. I learn so many fabulous things from my clients and I love helping them connect with people. It’s amazing to see how many people’s lives are changed from others sharing their unique brilliance.

What responsibility does that involve in a typical day?

Keeping up to date with what my clients are doing and up to date with trends, algorithms and always trailing new ways to connect, engage, grow relationships and give my clients the leading edge when it comes to anything social.

?My best ideas usually pop into my head in the shower or 3am. I often end up scribbling in whiteboard markers on the back of my kitchen splash back with ideas at silly times of night. I then take a photo of them and send them to who needs to seeing my thoughts – I really love helping people. 

What takes up most of your time?

My family. I’ve designed my days to suit what makes me happy. That’s being able to be there for my family and to also do bloody good work. I’ve stopped putting pressure on myself to be superwoman, slowed things down a bit and continually keep in check with happiness.

Who do you see/talk to?

Family, friends and really anyone. I love meeting new people and I make a conscious effort to keep in touch those that mean the world to me. For work, I’m lucky to have amazing mentors in Wendy Thompson, Carmen Vicelich, Cecilia and James Robinson who inspire me and help me look at the bigger picture.

Where do your best ideas come from?

My best ideas usually pop into my head in the shower or 3am. I often end up scribbling in whiteboard markers on the back of my kitchen splash back with ideas at silly times of night. I then take a photo of them and send them to who needs to seeing my thoughts – I really love helping people.

What are the most important tools or programmes you use for your work?

My phone and laptop, all the social media, and Asana is my new friend. Plus my friend Belinda Nash – she is my ghost writer and secret (or not so secret now) word magician. I’m a dyslexic thinker so maths is my thing, rather than words ?

How do you juggle all your responsibilities?

By being organised, delegating (I’m the queen of this) and asking for help when I need it. I have the most amazing husband and Mum who are supportive and exceptionally helpful.

What kind of breaks do you take throughout the day?

Scone break about 10am. My mum pops over for morning tea each day!

What’s the most enjoyable part of your day?

I love dinner time and our dinner conversations – each night we go around the table and share our highlight and low light of the day as well as who we helped.

 What about the least enjoyable?

I don’t have any part of my day I don’t enjoy.

Do you procrastinate? Is it good or bad?

I do. I’m currently procrastinating on choosing Champagne or a cocktail! ?

Do you measure your accomplishments or productivity? If so, how?

I do. I love celebrating so I take any chance to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate. For smaller tasks I tick them off and that makes me feel good.

Is there anything you think is unique about your day?

Hmmm good question. Nothing unique ,but I do recommend to anyone that isn’t happy in their day-to-day that they work out what they want their days to look like and start making changes.

What’s your interaction with friends and family throughout the day?

A lot! My friends and family are very important to me. We have a family WhatsApp group so we can stay in touch. It means my sister who lives in LA (Kimberley Crossman), my parents, in-laws and aunties can be there to celebrate, laugh and support each other daily.

Can you be both a successful entrepreneur and a good mother/partner/friend?

YES! Look at the amazing women doing this. I’m lucky to be able to call many epic female entrepreneurs my friends. They’re not only amazing role models to others, but the best support group to have.

Do you get stressed? If so, how do you manage it?

I’m more of a shit happens, so let’s figure it out person. I don’t think I get stressed but do have stressful moments. I try to take check of the situation, break it down into what I can do vs what’s out of my hands and go from there.

Do you practice any mindfulness or meditation?

No, but I think it is something I should be doing. Does anyone have any advice of where I can start?

What do you do once you get home? Can you switch off?

I mainly work from home. I have a lovely office and love my work so don’t feel the need to switch off as such.

What time do you go to sleep?

About 11pm, after hanging on the couch and watching an episode of something on Netflix with my hubby.

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