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The Aussie fitness sensation that has made its way to NZ shores

Founded in Australia, Body Fit Training (BFT) has quickly become one of the hottest new fitness communities in the world. Having made its way across the Tasman, the chain currently has seven studios open in New Zealand, with 15 more set to open within the next six months.

Due to the athletic style of the programming, BFT has attracted the likes of Australian cricket legend Tim Paine, the Aubusson brothers (Rugby League), Nick Riewoldt (AFL), Essendon (AFL) star Zach Merrett.

Here, Idealog chats with Founder Cameron Falloon, who had an extensive career as the S+C coach for high profile AFL and soccer teams and was the PT for the late Princess Diana. 

How is BFT different to its competitors F45, UBX, etc?

The group training industry is saturated, but most of them only offer HIIT or cardio predominant training. I felt that there was a big gap in the market for a more well-rounded approach. On one end you’ve got CrossFit where you use heavy barbells and kettlebells and the other end is heavy with brands playing in the aerobic space. BFT is right in between both. Along with our cardio workouts, we also programme workouts that include barbells, kettlebells and big compound movements, and lower intensity days focusing on mobility and stability. We hit every muscle fibre type, every energy system and every fascial plane every week.

I’ve taken my experience and knowledge of progression based elite athlete strength + conditioning training, which I didn’t see anywhere else in group fitness, and applied it to our BFT programs.

How has BFT’s technology helped clients improve their results?

Our tech makes each program specific to each member. It personalises the experience, which as a result personalises their results. 

Our members wear heart rate monitors which show up on screen in the studio as they work out, prescribing where they should be for what exercise. So essentially if you’re following our programme, you’re almost guaranteed results.

Why do you think this fitness concept has had such a great response?

The programmes are different and better, the trainers are different and better and the communities are different and better. 

BFT has created a space in the market for authentic, dynamic and team driven communities which has really resonated with people. 

What makes your programmes better than other gym programmes?

Progressive programming in 6-8week blocks, so members are seeing progress and tracking results. 

Hybrid strength and cardio – our offering is diverse and combines all elements of training. 

Promoting teamwork and training with people – our classes allow for members to connect while training, working with partners or in groups, building camaraderie and strong communities. 

How has BFT been received so far in NZ? What are clients saying?

New Zealand is exploding! We’ve got seven studios open, all with record presale membership numbers before they launched. And we’ve got another 10 set to open before the end of the year. They are some of the strongest communities we’ve seen, and we can’t wait for it to keep going gang-busters over there.

BFT Founder, Cameron Falloon 

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