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Reimagining landscapes

Victoria University of Wellington masters student Hannah Carson has been awarded the inaugural New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Vectorworks Landmark Student scholarship, for her strong focus on expressing Māori oral narratives through the use of augmented reality. The scholarship was established to support those studying the profession in New Zealand, where their research promotes the profession or actively contributes to new knowledge in the discipline of landscape architecture.

Urban Design

Damien van Brandenburg of Architecture van Brandenburg has a vision to redevelop the Dunedin waterfront. He's not alone in this plan, with locals and key stakeholders throwing their support behind it. In July, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced a cash injection towards the project. Dunedin City Council will receive $820,000 to complete a full feasibility assessment and development of a business case for the Dunedin Waterfront Project, which will include engineering, environmental and commercial feasibility.

Urban Architecture

Twenty years ago the Peacocke family bought a 117-hectare sized piece of land tucked inside the Raglan Harbour, situated five minutes from the local township, and home to a healthy dose of native bush, wildlife, and surrounding beaches. It boasts one of the largest - and most influential - sections in the region, which has turned a large provincial farm, into one of the most significant urban development schemes in Raglan. The development project, named Rangitahi, sees the land subdivided into residential lots and zoned for commercial, community and residential development. Its plan hopes to seed population growth, job creation, and environmental prosperity into the local community. We speak with Sophie Peacocke, head of the marketing and sales team and a member of the Peacocke family, who are collectively running the co-operative operation from their property on the Raglan peninsula.

Cultural preservation

Realityvirtual’s Simon Che de Boer recently had a hand in documenting one of the world’s most ancient civilisations in VR. And now, he’s keen to get to work on his passion project: local cultural preservation work of the Christchurch Cathedral. He wants to resurrect the old Cathedral in VR using publicly sourced photography, so is putting out a call to the public to submit any photos or videos they have of the building pre-earthquake, and using deep learning, a company can fill in the missing data and build a VR experience around this.