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Celebrating women with new Auckland exhibit

An exhibition celebrating the unique and unrepresented way of viewing the world through women, The Shape of Things, comes to Auckland in March.

Showcased at the Ellen Melville Centre, the exhibition will open to the public on March 4th 2023.

The exhibit will feature over 50 images via a LED window display and panel discussions on the “need for sharp, diverse and original work”.

In collaboration with over 30 professional female and non-binary photographers, the exhibit showcases the need to increase representation across the industry.

“As the photo industry changes and clients’ purse strings tighten, there is a greater need to connect with people in considered and interesting ways.  A very small percentage of the top advertising photographers I have worked with worldwide have been female,” says Briar Pacey, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pacey Productions Company.

“This opportunity helps our wāhine connect with the world and gives the public a moment to ponder The Shape of Things for women in 2023.” 

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Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy, Kristal Knight agrees, saying this is a huge opportunity in breaking the stereotype and showing what female photographers are capable of.

Especially at a time when less than 25 percent of commercial photographers represented by 70 of the world’s largest leading agencies are female or non-binary, with New Zealand sitting at 14 percent.

This is alongside the fact that women and non-binary photographers are earning 40 percent less than their male counterparts.

“That way we can all create fresher work and change the shape of the industry. The campaign we’re working on to support Women’s Work highlights this very notion and challenges our ad-land audience to see what others can’t,” says Knight.

Victoria Baldwin, Women’s Work Co-Founder, photographer and Executive Producer at Film Construction says that while the industry looks ready to change, there is still a lack of diversity.

“This exhibition will highlight some of the roadblocks we face as women and non-binary photographers and will give everyone a chance to discuss how we can collectively work together to change the shape of things for a better and more creative future,” she adds.

The exhibit is free and will be running from March 4 to 12 at the Ellen Melville Centre.

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