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Sustainable Suite: Two B Corp brands coming together to create a sustainable pop-up bar

Reimagining the concept of a bar, Maker’s Mark and Taylor Pass, two B Corp enterprises have come together to create a remarkable sustainable bar experience.

The amount of B Corp businesses New Zealand and the world have been able to develop is growing at a rapid pace.

Two of those businesses are the Kentucky bourbon brand Maker’s Mark and honey company Taylor Pass.

Together, both businesses are coming together to make the country’s first ever, sustainable bar, or ‘Sustainable Suite’ located at The Mezzanine, part of the restaurant Origine.

This pop-up bar, in a speakeasy-style, was created to highlight sustainability, bring attention to the high standards that both brands have on a social and environmental level.

Rob Samuels, Head Distiller of Maker’s Mark says the partnership between both brands originates from his family’s roots of their pioneering force when it comes to sustainability and community efforts.

“The Taylor Pass team shares the same values we do at Maker’s Mark, with quality, sustainable practices and the future in mind,” he says.

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As both companies are B Corp businesses, they ensured before heading into the partnership that their values aligned.

“At Maker’s Mark, we aim to be a force for good in everything we do. This includes a commitment to being good stewards of our land and our entire natural environment,” adds Samuels.

“Honey is an agricultural product that is similarly influenced and derived from its surroundings. Working together with partners like Taylor Pass Honey, we can celebrate the importance the natural world has on the quality of our products.”

By coming together, Maker’s Mark and Taylor Pass can show that collaborations can “help us use our respective means to lift one another up and support another’s endeavours to become forces for good in the world”.

“The Sustainable Suite showcases our partnership perfectly.”

The Sustainable Suite, a partnership between B Corps Maker’s Mark and Taylor Pass will be available at The Mezzanine at Origine in Auckland from June 1 to July 12.

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