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Festival of creativity Semi Permanent returns after two years

New Zealand’s largest festival of creativity and design, Semi Permanent, is returning after two years in Wellington.

The festival is set to host global speakers from major companies such as Netflix, Nike and Google, and is designed to educate attendees on business strategies through creative thinking.

“Returning to a live event format after several years impacted by Covid, we’re excited for attendees to have that very special experience that only comes from a physical environment — an electric exchange of ideas that provoke our ways of thinking and challenge us,” says Managing Director, Simon Velvin.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the return of Semi Permanent Aotearoa. We are eager to have creatives from all over the country in one room again.”

Semi Permanent is an annual festival that highlights New Zealand’s creative economy from the likes of the screen industry, to design, engineering and much more.

Some of New Zealand’s very own companies have been able to reach global recognition for their creative outlook which is a focal point at Semi Permanent.

After two years, Velvin says they have expanded the “breadth” of the festival with speakers covering industries of design, technology, sustainability and many more.

“Focusing on creative ideation and process, the lessons will be those that can be applied to just about anything,” he adds.

Velvin adds that the creative industries is very important to New Zealand as it helps grow jobs, spark innovation and provide broader opportunities to more Kiwis.

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“Creating smart and creative solutions to urgent problems is a part of New Zealand’s DNA,” he says.

To honour the return of the festival, Semi Permanent has introduced a new platform, ‘Perspective’, an emphasis on the perspective on the future completely shifting.

Due to the changing industry, Velvin says that many of the speakers heading to Semi Permanent will touch on topics that may not have existed at the last festival, such as NFT’s, the Web3 space and more.

Hector Ouilhet, Head of Human Centred Innovation and Strategy at Google will be at Semi Permanent and will be sharing his take on the complex tensions between technology, art and design.

Nike’s Global Vice President of Digital Design, Dantley Davis will be sharing his insight into the world of design as someone with 20 years of experience.

Festival-goers can expect local speakers such as Karen Walker and Tony Bradbourne, Founder of Special, one of New Zealand’s most successful communications and design companies, to also speak.

“To take advantage of the opportunities of the future, New Zealand has to apply not only new technology but also new thinking,” says Velvin.

“As an annual event the festival serves as a marquee moment on the annual calendar that brings the industry together. It’s an opportunity to connect with likeminded thinkers and build your network.”

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