Vodafone Xone

The past is a foreign country

It may seem like it’s gone on for ages, but 2016 is finally coming to an end. Just keep the champagne away from your screen.

Vodafone xone innovators series

To mark the arrival of the Vodafone xone business accelerator, Idealog is interviewing a whole heap of established New Zealand innovators, as well as the founders of the 10 startups selected by Vodafone to receive mentorship, funding and the potential benefits of working with a global network. One of those lucky, talented few is online sports commentary platform Spalk, which aims to add some diversity to the voices calling the sports action. We chat with co-founder and self-described sports tragic Sam Viskovich and head of Vodafone xone Nicole Buisson.

Vodafone xone innovators series

Lewis Road Creamery is famous for its deliciously rich chocolate milk, quality butter and now a range of gourmet ice cream. And it all began when Peter Cullinane wondered why he was reaching for the Danish Lurpak butter at the supermarket. Like all good entrepreneurs, he saw a problem and he set out to fix it.