Meet Nat Cheshire and the team behind Britomart's new lovechild, Morningside

Urban design

Meet Nat Cheshire and the team behind Britomart's new lovechild, Morningside

You may know Nat Cheshire as the designer behind some of Auckland City’s most character-defining developments, such as City Works Depot and much of Britomart, or as one of our Most Creative winners. As 2018 draws to a close, Cheshire has debuted a new development with his name attached to it called Morningside. But instead of being a masterpiece he’s created for a client, this time around, it’s his and his friends’ own money on the line. Here, he talks taking his vision for Auckland into the suburbs, tapping into the culture of Kingsland and where he’s casting his eye to develop next.

Extinction Week, brought to you by Kiwibank

The world’s first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary, Zealandia, opened its doors in our capital city almost two decades ago, and since then, its existence has helped see the city’s native bird population explode – and encouraged people to do their bit in their local ecosystem, with National Geographic calling the city an ‘ecological triumph’. We talked with its manager of conservation and research Dr Danielle Shanahan about how the park is changing people’s perception of conservation, while helping balance Wellington’s urban needs with its ecological needs.

Street art

When given the choice between a bit of scrawled graffiti and a thoughtfully crafted art piece, it's a no brainer that broadband company Chorus is choosing the latter. More than 200 of its cabinets across New Zealand have been used as a canvas by local artists, brightening up their urban surroundings and dramatically reducing the amount of graffiti being done.

Big ups

It may be a ways from the central city, and even further from the sea, but there's quite a bit happening in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby these days. For proof: The Hub Hornby, which has won top accolades at the recent New Zealand Property Council awards.