A robot seven months in the making will take pride of place as Waikato University engineering students show off their design skills. Fourth year students Martin Lam and Gordan Wildschut created the bot as part of their Bachelor of Engineering research project, with Lam working on software and Wildschut on hardware.

In his compelling TED talk, economist Andrew McAfee states simply that androids and other machines will inevitably take our jobs. He calls it the new machine age and makes a prediction about what this future will look like and how it will impact employment, the middle classes and society as a whole.


Two New Zealand-based childhood friends have created and launched a world-first product which gives people who usually use wheelchairs the opportunity to climb up and down stairs, sit, stand, step backwards, sideways and forwards. In a nutshell, it provides the opportunity for people in wheelchairs who want to walk to do just that.