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Whittaker’s makes a chocolate record

Balmer, also known as Being, contributed her new single ‘Fold into the Sea’ to the chocolate record, which is a symbol of Whittaker’s celebration of home-grown talent and creative spirit.

The final product can be heard through Whittaker’s websites while a teaser video has been shared on Facebook. It plays the song before the record is bitten into bringing the music to an end.

Whittaker’s marketing manager Jasmine Currie says the process to create a chocolate record that successfully plays good quality music took months to perfect.

The final product is the result of melted Dark Ghana chocolate poured into a record-shaped mould. She adds the key was to get the tempering and moulding of the melted chocolate just right, which was achieved after a lot of trial and error. 

“We think the end result is a great-sounding record that has the warm quality of vinyl – maybe a little scratchier but inherently a lot sweeter nevertheless,” says Currie.

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