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Dearears: The coolest Kiwi-made wireless earbuds money can buy

“We are not trying to make headphones, we are trying to design fashion decors that plays quality music.”

Such is the claim of Dearear on its simple, “Millennial minimalist” website. It’s a pretty bold claim, especially for a nation like New Zealand where bold claims are often treated with suspicion in favour of a more humble approach.

The company’s stated aim is equally bold: “Dearear was a concept originating back to 2012 where we want to create a series of products fitting to New Zealand’s quality lifestyle, sans the luxurious and extravagant confetti.”

Ok, fair enough.

The tech angle (c’mon: they’re earbuds without cords, kind of like those in-ear microphones seen in so many spy movies) is certainly pretty cool. But lots of other companies also make wireless earbuds (most notably Apple AirPods). What sets them apart, however, is their sleek design that actually – well – look cool.

As the company claims: “Our design practices were inspired by the calm blue skies and raw neutral tones of New Zealand.”

Alright, so they’re not cheap. After all, the “Endear” model costs more than $160. But it can be recharged right in its case – no need for constantly going to the shops to buy batteries to make the thing work. And they can last for up to 20 hours between charges.

Unboxing the Dearears, there are ear caps and hook sets in three sizes, as well as an 800mAH portable charge and a cable. And you don’t even need to plug the charger itself in until after about 20 full charges. In other words, even though this is a pretty “new” technology, it already has the features of a technology that has been refined and improved many, many times.

And it’s worth repeating again: no cords is pretty cool – and reduces a serious safety hazard if you’re constantly on the go. And they’re just bloody convenient.

So, yeah: call us converts.

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