A Day in The Life: Giapo's Annarosa Petrucci

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A Day in The Life: Giapo's Annarosa Petrucci

Annarosa Petrucci is the co-founder of Giapo, which is heralded by many as New Zealand's most innovative ice cream company. Here, she shares how she gets through the day, how she organises her time and how she handles the madness of business.


Z Energy's innovation strategist Pete Robson fell in love with Giapo – not the man himself, but his business practices. He shares some key learnings from taking a masterclass with ice cream extraordinaire Giapo Grazioli, showing innovation can span completely unrelated industries and yet still have the same relevance.

Most Creative People

Auckland-based ice cream chef Giapo Grazioli won the People's Choice award for the hospitality category in Idealog's Most Creative People, and for good reason. He has spent the last few years pushing the concept of what could be understood as an ice cream as far as possible, incorporating 3D printing into his creations (chocolate colossal squid, anyone?), taking away the ability for customers to see the flavours before they order, commissioning research on whether spores can be created in chocolate and collaborating with AUT to explore the relationship between music and ice cream. In a Q&A, Giapo discusses creativity, finding inspiration and resilience.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

The words Giapo, ice cream and innovation often go hand-in-hand in sentences, as the chef’s passion for furthering his craft is common knowledge. But behind the larger-than-life Italian persona is a man with his eyes fixed firmly on the future technology. We had a chat with the undercover futurist about when AI will come for everyone’s jobs, how humans will soon be able to live forever and why it’s not nuclear bombs we should be worried about.

Year in Review 2016, brought to you by Kiwibank

​In the latest edition of our series asking some of Aotearoa's best-known businesspeople and visionaries to take a step back and offer their insights on how the past year has gone and how the future might unfold, we chat with innovative ice cream-maker Gianpaolo "Giapo" Grazioli.