Ice cream design for the festive season: Giapo debuts his 2018 Christmas creations

Christmas is a time for indulgence and wonder, leading creatives to think fast as the call for new Christmas creations comes earlier every year. Often taking the lead on creative initiatives to everyday situations, Auckland-based Giapo kitchen has released two new Christmas themed ice cream wonders.

Christened the Christmas Hand Bell and the Christmas Mince Pie Ice Cream, both are takes on traditional Christmas items with the classic Giapo Grazioli spin.

Looking more like a high-end scale tree decoration rather than a delectable treat, the hand bell is an upside-down cone attached to a molded white-chocolate cup. Filled with dealer’s choice of ice cream and then sealed with even more chocolate.

Giapo’s kitchen said that the decorated layer of puffed amaranth and freeze-dried raspberry, adds both a wonderful popping sensation and a suitably celebratory look. It’s not complete until a bow is tied around the handle, complete with an actual, ringing bell.

As far as classic Christmas treats go none can beat the Minced Fruit Pie, which is arguably better than fruitcake. Giapo, with an insider knowledge to both Kiwi and Italian desserts have also introduced the Mince Pie Cone.

The base of the pie is cut in a ring, to perfectly fit over the cone, then the cone and pie casing are filled with your choice of ice cream and topped with Giapo’s fruit mince. Finally, the lid of the mince pie goes on to finish the affair–with its cut-out star and dusting of icing sugar, it’s got festive season written all over it, says the kitchen.

“We want people to experience ice cream and Christmas in a different way,” says Grazioli. And with the beautiful outcome of yet another deign Giapo’s Kitchen has continued to battle against the status quo for what an ice cream should be.

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