Idealog + Smales Farm

Having a great idea for business is one thing, but bringing that idea to life? That’s where the hard work begins. A few months back, Idealog joined forces with Smales Farm to host The Race for Space. The competition gave entrepreneurs, start-ups and early stage businesses a chance to battle it out for a year’s free office space at New Zealand's smartest co-working space, the B:HIVE, on Auckland’s North Shore. Six finalists, seven judges, some careful deliberation and countless blueberry muffins later, a decision was made. And out of the impressive array of finalists – from AI chatbots to hemp tampons – it was Emergency Q, a healthcare application, that came out on top as the winner, while Feed My Furbaby was runner up. Here, we have a chat with the winners. PLUS: watch the wrap video of the finalists pitching their ideas.

Winner winner!

For Idealog's just-released design issue, we got some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business to play with Lego. Artist Josh Lancaster (or, more accurately, the Josh Lancaster 'mini-figure') developed a series of Lego landscapes inspired by Auckland and Hawkes Bay. After receiving almost 100 elaborate bribes and sob stories for the Lancaster Lego masterpiece, we picked through the bunch and found our deserving winner. Read on below for some of our favourite entries.


Forget cut-throat competition, the hot topic these days is collaboration. Whether it’s companies in shared working spaces exchanging ideas around the water cooler, entrepreneurs picking other people’s brains via crowdsourcing, Xero start-ups teaming up to get customers, or big bosses of primary producers strategising at Stanford University, working together is de rigueur.* (*But why just write about it? Idealog decided to try a bit of collaborating ourselves, so we asked for help to illustrate this feature. Most of the photos on these pages – and on the cover – were sourced from our readers, friends, followers, and the people we've written about recently. The rest were us. We're all in this together.)