Idealog + Hyundai

With more vehicles on the road, infrastructure starting to fall into place and the government stepping up to incentivise the big switch, electric vehicles are finally coming of age in New Zealand. In part one of an ongoing series, we explore the reasons for the rise. 

Cool cars, beautiful buildings

Aston Martin has officially unveiled its brand-new state-of-the-art Auckland showroom. And 007’s favourite car brand’s digs are enough to impress even the most suave secret agent, thanks to Warren and Mahoney.

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The problem with big cars is that they tend to be expensive to run and terrible for CO2 emissions. Their comfort and space often have to be balanced with bulk and weight. But if you want something with the size and roominess of an SUV, but with the quickness and agility of a sports car, meet Jaguar’s new performance crossover, the 2016 F-PACE.

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Think of an SUV and you’ll probably get images of massive shaking engines spitting smoke from a screaming exhaust. The new Outlander Plug-in Hybrid has touched down without a whiff of fumes and it’s got the technology to impress the masses. Idealog takes one for a spin.


Of all the brands sold in New Zealand, none was rocked in 2015 quite as significantly as Volkswagen after the emissions scandal broke. So, if there’s one person who’s learnt a thing or two about change, it’s the car brand’s general manager Tom Ruddenklau.