Smart money: Bluejay, the locally designed smart smartphone ‘smart mount’ smartly meets crowdfunding target with weeks to go

This week, Blue Jay, the “the world's first smart mount seamlessly connects your phone to your car via beacon technology and an integrated mobile app” reached its Kickstarter target of US$80,000 with three weeks still to go.

Bluejay, the brainchild of New Zealander Nick Bartlett and designed by his London-based company, Kiwi Factory, sits on the dashboard or windscreen (either by clip, suction or adhesive), and comes with an app that manages pre-programmed texts, calling with a single tap, easy to control music/podcast options, and navigation and driving statistics.

But it doesn’t just do all that hands free driver stuff. Bluejay can stay connected to your phone so you can find your car in the airport carpark after arriving in the middle of the night, provide parking meter notifications.

Mirroring automotive design, the mount is made from high-grade CNC aluminum and durable carbon fiber utilising an innovative multi-axis system so drivers can adjust their phone to the perfect position.

The downside is that to get your phone to secure to the mount, you have to stick a thin metal plate on your phone. No big deal if you use a case (just stick it between the phone and the case), but if you like your $1200 phone to remain a design object, sticking a sheet of metal on the back might hurt a little.

But if you don’t kill yourself in a car crash because you weren’t texting while driving, it’s probably worth it.

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