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Medium-sized companies are the backbone of Germany’s economic success. "Mittelstand" companies – which means "middle group" and refers to the mid-market sized enterprises as well as a certain mindset about business – have a lot in common with New Zealand’s medium enterprise sector and, as such, there’s a lot we can learn from the Mittelstand way of doing business.

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Auckland’s GridAKL co-working space is expanding – and is welcoming the public to come and celebrate and to check out the future of co-working in the City of Sails.

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"Everyone says it was nothing, like a coincidence. But I tell you what, nothing is nothing. Even nothing is something. When they found that ship, the Trojan II, it was drifting, completely empty, crew all gone. Everyone said, ‘oh, we can’t find anything on it. It’s like a tragic mystery. Case closed’. Bullshit. It’s lazy.”