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Five signs your business needs a tech writer

As an entrepreneur, chances are that you’re no stranger to delegation. Even the most efficient multi-taskers can stress themselves out managing all aspects of business ownership. The fact is you need a team in order to reach the company’s maximum potential for growth and success. You know this. You’re smart––so you delegate.

Your website is the creation of a graphic designer. Bookkeeping and financial matters are outsourced to an accountant. Promotional campaigns are driven by marketing agencies or social media specialists. Administrative functions are entrusted to your assistant. But how about writing? Who’s in charge of the written materials that give customers a direct, clear-cut understanding of the products or services you offer? If you’re producing this content on your own without tapping into the skill-set of a professional writer, then not only is this a waste of time––it could be limiting the bandwidth of your client base.

Technical writers––commonly known as tech writers––have a talent for breaking down complex ideas and presenting them in simple, digestible terms for the average person to easily grasp. Whether your business sector is engineering, software development, information technology or e-commerce, a tech writer can slice through all that industry-speak to describe the business in a relatable and accessible way that makes the most sense to your target demographic. Here are some indicators it’s time for a tech writer to join your team.

Your written content is dense with jargon.

You might work in a highly technical sphere that tosses around language most people aren’t familiar with, but using jargon in your writing can feel abstract or exclusive to the same audience you want to reach. Just because you have specialized insider knowledge doesn’t automatically mean you can explain it to someone outside the industry. And that’s where tech writers come in. They are experts at pinpointing the details which are relevant to your customers, then simplifying these concepts in conversational terms that a wide range of people will understand. 

Your written content is self-promotional.

You have most likely come across business material that reads more like an “advertorial” than something educational for the customer. Since it’s just a sales pitch, this can feel off-putting and contrived, but self-promotional content is easy to produce without even realizing it. So instead of shoving the company in people’s faces, tech writers balance attention-grabbing information with subtle endorsement. They know that engaging the audience’s interest is a more effective marketing strategy than spamming them with “humble brags” about your business.   

Your written content is weakly presented.

You’re an excellent communicator in board meetings, client presentations and networking events, but expressing yourself on paper––that’s another story. Some people don’t have a knack for writing, and if you’re one of them, it’s better to recognize your weakness in this area and play to someone else’s strength. So cue the tech writers who can organize your main ideas in logical sequence, clarify disjointed or ambiguous points, format paragraphs and sentences for optimal reading, and fine-tune the grammar, so your content is polished and professional.

Your written content is needing an update.

You recognize there’s a connection between how the audience perceives your business and the quality of content you produce, but the actual routine of writing isn’t your forte. If the last piece of content on your website is from a couple years ago, this inconsistency might be stunting the growth of your online presence. To be visible on search engines––which is how most consumers find businesses in the first place––new content should be posted weekly. Tech writers know that frequency matters, and they’ll crank out content on the regular so you won’t have to.

Your written content is just an afterthought.

You’re a busy entrepreneur with a packed schedule and a million tasks to oversee, so there’s just not enough time in the workday to write down anything besides a quick memo. And you know what––it’s understandable. Owning a business means performing various functions that require long hours, and energy is a finite resource. Sometimes you’re probably too overextended to utter words, much less type them out in coherent sentences. So leave all the content creation to a tech writer who can prioritize this assignment instead of putting it on the backburner. 

Are you convinced yet that hiring a tech writer can be instrumental in taking your business to the next level and attracting a wider client base? There’s no rule in the entrepreneurial handbook that says, “in order to be successful, you must single-handedly do it all.” Quite the opposite, in fact––companies are built on teamwork, so delegate the writing to a professional writer. This is practical business sense that will save you both time and effort in the process.   

Mike Hanski has spent the last four years writing and creating content strategies for Bid4papers. Feel free to say hi to Mike on Twitter.
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