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Support us, support New Zealand innovation, get things: pony up and join Idealog’s supporters club

Idealog aims to be the voice of progressive business in New Zealand, whether that’s through showcasing startups with the potential to completely change a sector, pushing for change on issues like gender equality, or embracing innovation in publishing and conducting our own media experiments. Our belief is that if companies (and countries) hope to keep growing and/or solve their numerous problems, the big ideas are unlikely to come from bean counters trying to cut costs. They’ll come from those who think differently, break rules and create change.

We feel we have an important role to play when it comes to inspiration; to keep telling the positive stories of those who have started something, in the hope they might inspire others to start their own somethings. As Sir Paul Callaghan said, it would take only 100 inspired entrepreneurs to completely change the fortunes of this country. And we’ve covered many of those pioneers in our time. But we also see a role for education. Running a business is tough. Many will fail and those that succeed will face an array of growing pains. So, increasingly, we’ve been focusing on these realities, from dealing with failure to finding finance to founder mental health.

We still value print and see the three big, beautiful, themed issues we publish throughout the year as high-points; filtered experiences that have more resonance and prestige than the online environment. But, increasingly, more of our audience interacts with us through our digital and social channels. As many modern media companies know, it’s hard to create a commercially viable business in this era of free flowing (and largely free) digital content. And while we want as many people as possible to read our stories so they get to see some of the amazing things that are happening in our country, we also need to keep the lights on.

We often hear people say that they wish more positive stories were being told. We love telling them. And we want to tell more of them. So if you love what we do, click on the red button above or here and help us on our mission to shine a light on the country’s innovators and entrepreneurs.

And as an added incentive, anyone who gives over $5 a month will receive a print subscription of Idealog, an Idealog t-shirt and a copy of the book by David Downs and Dr Michelle Dickinson No. 8 Recharged (while stocks last).


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What is PressPatron?

Idealog has partnered with PressPatron, a Kiwi crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to support blogs and journalism websites. The PressPatron team would love to hear your feedback, and can be contacted here.

Is my payment secure?

Payments made via PressPatron are securely processed using an SSL connection with 256-bit AES encryption. The underlying payment infrastructure is provided by Stripe, a leader in online payments who provides credit card processing for companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Xero, Kickstarter, and others.

All credit card data is encrypted and Stripe maintains strict administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect your information. More info about Stripe’s security policies can be viewed here. PressPatron does not collect or store your credit card number within their own database.

How can I manage my payment preferences?

Once you have contributed, you will be given the option of creating a PressPatron account to manage your payment preferences. Your supporter dashboard will provide you an overview of your contributions, as well as an interface for editing your payment details. If you already have an account, you can login here.

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