Idealog #64, The Design Issue, out now!

After shedding blood, sweat and tears - and spending almost 10 laborious hours crafting 'Idealog' and 'design' out of Lego - the 2017 Design issue of Idealog has hit newsstands. In the spirit of gratuitous self-promotion, here's a run-down of what you can expect in this jam-packed issue. 

If you're eagerly wanting to get your hands on a copy now, individual copies (and annual subs) can be purchased at and selected retailers. If you need a little more persuading, cast your eyes below to a run-down of what's included in this 148-page whopper issue, or catch a glimpse of the cover in the cheesy spinning GIF below.


- An interview with Patternsnap founder Virginia Fay about her interior design-focused app, which has been dubbed a Shazam for patterns. 

- Our resident spirit animal the Idea Log is back to shed more pearls (acorns?) of wisdom, but this time he's solving the most pressing problems Kiwis are facing, like traffic, climate change and dropping your phone on your face when you're lying down.

- Some of New Zealand's top creative minds were given an assortment of Lego and an open brief, and the results were epic.

- Jihee Junn delves into the world of playground design and finds out it's not all just fun and games.

- Examining the uncomfortable field of unpleasant design: Design often makes things better or more beautiful, but what about designing to make things worse? 

- Ben Fahy gets a rare audience with the co-founders of Alt Group and tries to figure out what makes them tick.

- Jessy Edwards discovers the conscious (and unconscious) ways design is influencing our behaviour.

- Elly Strang looks at whether a connection can be made between a well-designed office, productivity and profits.

- Michael Barrett looks at what New Zealand can learn from some of the world's best medium-to-high density housing developments and whether good architecture can improve learning. 

- The robots are coming, but are they coming for the creative jobs too? 

- The best of the Best Awards.

And Idealog's Guide to Wellington.

Plus far more awesome content tucked away inside that we haven't mentioned here. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy your subscription today

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