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Done Deal: A collation of recent fundings secured, contracts inked and deals did, for the tl;dr crowd

A network of New Zealand angel investors has helped launch iPug into the US market at the BIO International Convention in San Francisco. iPug, an Australian company now based in San Francisco, is the world’s first mobile-friendly platform that transforms the way research is conducted and how public health campaigns are delivered. The investors, led by Hamilton-based property developer Zane Beckett, have provided seed capital and Series A funding. 

iPug founders Steve Huff and Lyndon Holzheimer 

SparkTank chief executive Rachel Kelly and Augen Software group director Mitchell Pham are among four new board members who have been voted to the board at NZTech.

Microsoft managing director Barrie Sheers and a Callaghan Innovation business group manager Erin Wansbrough have also been approved as board members.

A new chair to replace outgoing chair Bennett Medary will be appointed at the board meeting next month.

Business collective Global Women has appointed a new chief executive who will take over the reins from July 25. Founding chief executive Faye Langdon will hand over the baton to Miranda Burdon. Global Women was founded in 2009 to transform the leadership landscape of women in New Zealand and champion diversity and its positive impact on business performance. Burdon currently sits of the boards of Lotto NZ and Meadow Mushrooms Lt.d.

Independent fleet management company Fleetwise also appointed a new chief executive this week. Ambrose Plaister joins the company after 14 years in the finance industry. Plaister started his new role as chief executive on July 4.? He comes to Fleetwise from Sydney-based fund advisory firm Dimensional.

Mark Averill

PwC New Zealand elected a new chief executive earlier this month. Firm partner Mark Averill will take over the role on October 1. Averill has been a partner at the firm for 14 years and a member of the executive team for three years. He will serve as territory senior partner and chief executive for the next four years. Outgoing chief executive Bruce Hassall will remain in the position until September 30. ?

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