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Done Deal: Recent fundings secured, contracts inked and deals did, for the tl;dr crowd Oct 2016

Goody! More money!

Goody Card, a groundbreaking smartphone-based digital customer loyalty programme, has raised $750,000 in a recent capital raise. The funds will be used to fuel its rapid growth and the company’s move into enterprise and larger business sectors.

Some of the new capital will be spent on further developing the Goody platform, which includes adding a vast array of new features to improve merchant business intelligence and rewarding consumers. Goody’s interim goal is also to increase brand awareness, and to educate Kiwis on the benefits of ditching paper-based loyalty cards, and opting for an app-based, universal programme.

New investors include the Bhatnagar family, who are top five investors in NZX listed Pushpay through its Alliance Equities Ltd vehicle. The firm is joined by four other new shareholders, including Sir Stephen Tindall’s K1W1.

“We are aiming to have 1 million Kiwis using Goody Card by October 2017,” explains Goody Card founder, Gorran Marusich. “To keep up with this fast growth, we’ll be investing in more staff resources to serve our customers, and to ensure we’re delivering a high-end loyalty and marketing solution.”

“The capital raise is a positive move both for the future of Goody Card and for our business clients and members,” he adds. “It will help us keep growing, meaning we can make the service available to even more people. We are committed to becoming a market leader in cloud-based customer loyalty.”

Board of the world

NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller, has been elected to the board of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA). The alliance is the leading recognised international voice of the global ICT industry, whose members from over 80 countries represent more than 90 percent of the world ICT market.

Muller says WITSA is dedicated to advocating policies that advance economic growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services; and provide tech firms around the world with a broad network of connections.

“This is a great channel for helping raise the awareness globally that New Zealand is a leading hi-tech nation. There are huge opportunities for New Zealand tech firms to grow internationally and I will be working to ensure policies and relationships are in place to help them throughout the world.”

Get on board everybody! (Sorry!)

The New Zealand Hi-Tech Trust today announced that it has appointed Kirsty Godfrey-Billy, Vaughan Rowsell, Helen Shorthouse and Erin Wansbrough to its board, replacing outgoing trustees Al Monro, Ross Peat and Andrew Plimmer.

Wayne Norrie, chair of the Hi-Tech Trust, says the new appointments are in keeping with the Hi-Tech Trust’s commitment to continually evolve to ensure it best meets the needs of New Zealand’s technology sector.

“We entered into the process hoping to attract some interest and were blown away by both the number of applications and the quality of those applying,” Norrie says. It is wonderful to see the value of the work performed by the Hi-Tech Trust recognised by the incredible quality, and quantity, of candidates who applied. We are delighted to bring on board our new trustees, they each bring a wealth of industry knowledge and connections, are well respected in the sector and have a huge passion for the Awards and their ongoing development.”

Not actual Hi-Tech Trust boardroom

Done deal!

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