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Idealog magazine’s tenth anniversary issue – out now!

Idealog launched 10 years ago. We wanted to be a magazine telling the story of the emergence of the global creative economy and highlighting the need for New Zealand to step up to the mark in order to be creative. We aimed to fill a hole for “a magazine that understands what it means to create innovation – the excitement of conception, the struggle to bring ideas to market, the agony of good ideas going bad, and the satisfaction of successful implementation”.

Our 60th edition celebrates the first 10 years by asking 10 of Idealog’s best to reflect on what’s changed in the last 10 years. And what still needs to change. Sam Morgan, Geoff Ross, Anna Guenther, Vaughan Rowsell, Jeremy Moon, Peri Drysdale – and more*.

Meanwhile, we pick the top six food trends changing the way the world is eating – and New Zealand companies are exporting;

Aviation nut Vaughn Davis test-drives a helicopter simulator made from parts salvaged from a Japanese aircraft written off in the 2011 tsunami;

We feature the year’s best innovation (New Zealand Innovators Awards 2015) and best design (best of the Best Awards);

There’s an excerpt from a new graphic biography of Steve Jobs, (find out everything you ever wanted to know about Jobs’ life without having to read other worthy biographies);

And there are columns on why bad moods at work can make you more productive, how creating myths around our ingenuity is stopping us being truly ingenious, and the unintended consequences of Lord of the Rings;

For all these stories subscribe here, or head out to one of these fabulous retailers and ask for the latest copy of Idealog. If you can’t find us, email [email protected], or call 0800 782 347

*Dodgy counting alert: Actually we feature 11 fabulous New Zealanders. We asked 11, because we were worried someone might not want to contribute. But everyone did.

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