Friday Frivolities: Screaming ducks, the personal drone-copter and the most dangerous way to save $2.50 you’ve ever seen

Ten bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

Screaming duck attack

The story of a coward who assaults a defenceless duck then draws the ire of the group.

Screaming duck attack (reversed)

The story of a hero who responds to a group of duck’s cry for help and ends up saving their leader.

Train surfing

The single most dangerous way you can save $2.50 we’ve seen today.

Hell's Club

All your favourite pop culture icons meet at the Hell's Club in this expertly crafted mash up video.

Skydive into speedway

An amazing dive into a packed stadium. "What is up Bristol!?"

The Swarm

Giant drone with 54 propellers allows man to fly. Yet I have to catch the bus to work.

Open source future?

On a more educational note, Mike Rugnetta discusses the possibility of a world where everything is open source.