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Friday Frivolities: Melting mice, toilet training, Terminator: Genisys giveaway, and…the Don!

First up: we have tickets giveaway!
Curtesy of our friends at Undertow Media and OrbitSound, we have one set of double pass to give away to a screening of the latest entry in apocalyptic sci-fi films: Terminator Genisys. Flick us a message with your favourite Arnold film, and we’ll put you in the draw for Monday. Get on it!


Ghost pepper kid

A nine year old lad eats the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, with predictable results. Now, no one likes to watch children suffer more than we do, but even we think granddad could have been a little more supportive here.

The dissolution defence
After taking a complaint that a customer had found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew, the manufacturer gave the unusual defence that, if a mouse had been in the syrupy drink, it would have melted into an indistinguishable goo long before the customer ever had an opportunity to find it. Not the most pleasant mental picture to be sure, but just how long would it take for a mouse to dissolve in a can of Mountain Dew? Someone decided to find out.

Total Toilet Training
Australia has got a lot to answer for: All of its prime ministers, that underarm bowling incident and Pauline Hanson’s Dancing with the Stars’ cha-cha. Now you can add ‘Bamercise’ to that list, a ten minute clip that plays like Aerobics Oz-style meets a Toilet Duck commercial.

When life gives you lemons, drive them
Slow and steady wins the race, and that’s especially true when you’re racing $300 cars.

Donald Trump: No oil painting
If you thought having 69-year-old property magnate/madman turned US presidential hopeful Donald Trump incessantly in the media was bad enough, think again. Now you can spend 12 precious minutes of your life watching a cartoonist with a Russian-looking name (take note Andrew Little) drawing the Man with the Infamous Toupee to the droning sound of Lakshmi mantra chanting. 

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