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The wig literally from hell: Will Jrump feel Bernie’s burn?

Donald Jrump has “Make America Great Again” – and is now on a mission to make the galaxy great again. But the oldest man alive is questioning that motive – and thinks he’s cracked the code to Jrump’s yuge success: his hair is, quite literally, from hell.

Jrump: Devil’s Heir is an update to the mobile game Jrump. Created by Aucklanders Tom Bellamy and Ben Markby, co-foudners of Oddboy, players of the game take on the role of Bernie Sanders, who has discovered that Donald Jrump’s hair is the secret to his power because it contains the devil himself. It then becomes Sanders’ mission to save the entire galaxy from annihilation by the forces of darkness. You read those last two sentences right.

Jrump was first launched in mid-September for free from iTunes and the Android app store. In that game, after successfully destroying planet earth, president Donald Jrump sets out to wreck the entire galaxy by jumping off of walls. Along the way, he fights against such evil forces as scientists, Kim Jong Un, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who will stop at nothing to stop him from ushering forth an era of global winning.

Bellamy and Markby say they’ve been blown away by how popular it has become, and the international press it has received. “The eight weeks the game has been out have been crazy,” they say. “We’ve had around 400,000 downloads. Learnt a tonne about the mobile world and monetisation.”

And now that the real Donald Trump has actually been elected president, they say they may produce another update or a sequel. “We are currently debating whether to keep working on Jrump, start a new game or perhaps even a sequel,” they explain. “We are loving the #kanye2020 buzz that’s been going on…”

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