Friday Frivolities: horrible upstairs neighbours, two girls freaking out, Anne Hathaway lip-synching, and more …

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction

The worst upstair neighbours. Ever.
If you’ve ever lived in a condo or apartment with very thin walls, then you’ll be sure to identify with this situation. Whether you’re the noise-maker or the victim of over-enthusiastic wall banging, this will certainly stirrup some interesting memories.

Two girls freaking out on a slingshot ride.
For those who live outside of Auckland, there is a slingshot ride parked squarely in central Auckland just down from the Skytower. Essentially a reverse bungee, riders are catapulted up vertically to a g-force of 3-5, reaching a height of between 50 to 80 meters.

Just thinking about it has gotten people sweaty palms, so imagine the reaction you’d get if you rode one of these as a young child. The best lines from this video?

“If I die, tell my momma I love her!”
“Honey, if you die, imma be dyin’ too.”

The best man’s (speech) song.
Giving a best man speech can often be the best or worst thing you ever do for your best mate, especially if the groom’s your brother. This guy however, takes it up a notch and sings a heartfelt salute to the newly weds.

Be warned, manly tears will be shed.

Mortal Kombat koalas. Fight!
The title says it all, really.

Anne Hathaway lip-syncing Miley Cyrus … and smashing it!
It’s a new show hosted by LL Cool J, most famous for playing agent Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles, and it pitches two A-list celebrities against each other in, well, a lip-syncing battle.

It’s hysterical, awesome, and just plain crazy, especially when Anne Hathaway does Wrecking Ball.

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