Friday Frivolities: Privates described, debauchery financed and enlightened pirates

Five bits of frivolity for a hearty dose of Friday distraction.

Homeless party guy vs homeless father

Nope, it’s not the return of Bumfights, rather, this experiment asks the question: who are passers-by more likely to donate to? A homeless guy with a daughter? Or a dude looking to catch a buzz? Go ahead, guess.

“I’ll never forget those eyes”

Girlfriends describe their boyfriend’s penis-shaped penises to a police sketch artist for fun. Highlights include “like a GMO banana”.

Father and son no longer drifting apart

This vid has it all: grunty cars, fancy driving and mentally terrorizing a child in the most adorable way. Two shaking thumbs up.  

KFC snaps

When this idea was bought up in the global poultry syndicate’s marketing meeting, someone could have spoken up, but they didn’t, and now this is a thing. This is that person’s fault.

Sensitive new-age goons

What’s a pirate without a wench? A gentleman, of course. *Tips fedora*