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Friday Frivolties: #TheDress, net neutrality, doggie purgatory and more.

#TheDress. Black and blue or white and gold?

It’s the one topic that swept the world this week is the dress that has people calling into question everyone else’s sanity.

Retailers however have been quick to ride shotgun with the craze. Here’s a collection of the best tweets that wore #TheDress hastag from our sister site, TheRegister.

“Spocking” your Canadian five dollar bills

Sadly, news came earlier this week that beloved actor Leonard Nimoy, or better known as commander Spock, had passed away aged 83.

Canadian fans of the late actor started the “#Spocking” craze, defacing their five dollar bills featuring their seventh prime minister, Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Concluding the debate on net neutrality

Last year, John Oliver, Reddit, and netizens of every magnitude managed to crash the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) website when the commission proposed anti-net neutrality rules.

While being in New Zealand means we weren’t going to be directly affected by the results of the net neutrality debate, it did showcase the sinister leanings of Internet service providers.

Last week, the FCC voted to keep the internet open, classifying it as an “utility”.

In response to his original 13 minute segment on net neutrality, here is John Oliver’s celebration of the win. And his hilarious explanation of the debate to Republicans.

Anti-Vaxxer’s hate for Jimmy Kimmel

The polarising debate for vaccinations continue this week amongst the public, with Jimmy Kimmel the latest celebrity in line for the firing squad.

His response? A hilarious skit depicting two anti-vaccination parents promoting “A Child’s Right to Choose”.

Doggie Purgatory

Don’t worry, the owner does take pity on his poor pup.

The jack-of-all-trades minion who kind of does a bit of everything, he's also our former resident geek and Reddit fiend. He's now disappeared off somewhere in to the Matrix, but every now and then he resurfaces for a random guest article.

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