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Friday Frivolities: Man buns of Instagram, tattoo rehab, Google makes human skin and more

Buns on buns on buns

During Laneway Festival a curious new Instagram account surfaced. It’s called ‘Man buns of Laneway’ and has strived to document each and every male sporting the hairstyle over the one day festival. The man bun has become increasingly popular with New Zealand’s trendy youth and to date the account has 38 posts and nearly 1000 followers. #BunLife

Not all tattoos are created equal

A Polish tattoo shop has started a new project where they are giving ex-cons a fresh start. This is done by covering up their amature, poorly done prison tattoos with legitimate works of art greatly increasing their chances of getting a good job and helping them to leave their past mistakes behind. 

Google wants to get under your skin

… so that hopefully one day they can detect cancer cells through tiny devices in your blood stream and a bracelet around your wrist. Welcome to the future of health care.

Auschwitz like you have never seen it before

To mark 70 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, BBC has shoot some amazing footage of this most sombre of places by using the drone. Not only does this show a rather alternate view of one of the most infamous death camps in history but it also shows the sheer scale and structure of the place.

An app that lets you know which of your friends are jerks

Because these days we are all WAY to out of touch with our emotions and can understand things much better if they are presented to us on an iPhone. Is this the future of friendship? 

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