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Meet Gustav, the ‘ultimate hot desking tool’

Co-founded by interior designer and workplace strategist, Christian Pistauer, and director of brand consultancy firm Y Brand Judit Maireder, the stylish portable toolbox/mobile desk organiser serves a number of functions. As well as lugging your stuff, it also doubles as a laptop stand, can be stored in a locker or shelf in a shared office space, and with a fold-down front there is a two-tiered effect for easy access.

“It is light, beautifully designed and holds all the work essentials anyone needs, allowing them to set up their workspace in seconds,” Pistauer says.

And the name? Pistauer says it’s an attempt to inject some personality.

“Instead of a generic, abstract name we wanted the product to be a friend in the office, it’s here to help. Gustav is a common Scandinavian name, given as as it has European design thought.”

Both Maireder and Pistauer know first-hand what it’s like to work in a hot-desking environment, and wanted to tackle key concerns.

“We’re massive fans of co-working, hot-desking, and shared spaces…we wanted it to be functional, transporting staff from locker to desk, and emotional so it can replicate the feeling of having one’s own desk. Gustav is able to be personalised with room for notes, photos and storage.”

Gustav also enables an ergonomically correct posture, with the stand able to fit 13-inch and 15-inch laptops.

Made by a family business in Greece out of molded plywood with an oak veneer, Pistauer says Gustav is a high quality product with custom-made features.

“It grows on you and becomes part of your daily routine, and you can personalise it,” Pistauer says.

Maireder worked on the name, look and feel of the product with Y Brand, who is based in a co-working space.

Pistauer and Maireder have launched the product with an initial focus on driving bulk sales to businesses and shared spaces, with the future plan to open individual unit sales to the public.

“We’re trying to focus on business, companies such as BNZ, Fonterra are who we are trying to reach. We hope to get a good chance in the market and get traction.”

Pistauer says the company has plans to get into the Australian market, and there is interest in Europe.

After several years of prototyping, refining and developing the product and brand, Pistauer says it is nice to be recognised as a finalist at the Best Design Awards for 2017.

“We’ll keep our fingers crossed, we’re really stoked.”

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